Extended ECM for SAP

Orgnisations all around the globe are embarking on digital transformation programs to streamlining and standardise core businesses processes. Theses initiatives have largely transformed the management of structured information to drive organisational objectives such as operational efficiencies.

In a world where unstructured information i.e documents, records, photos,  videos make up a large percentage of information it is imperative for organisations to integrate unstructured information within core business processes.

Impact of not managing content inside processes

Extended ECM for SAP (xECM) overcomes the disconnect between structured and unstructured infromation. xECM for SAP seamlessly integrates content to SAP structured data enabling information rich processes to digitise, automate and streamline SAP business processes. Value is generated by increased productivity, better customer service, rapid decision making, greater control and enhanced collaboration to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.



xECM provides the full functionality of OpenText solutions i.e Document Management, Records Management, Access, Capture, Workflow and Collaboration.

Workspaces integrate SAP data with documents and records to provide a holistic view of information related to Vendors, Customers, Orders, Equipment etc..

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